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UPDATE: Hoard of the Dragon Queen for 2018!

Story Starts HERE

Click here if you are looking for the papercraft-terrain posts of my run of the D&D Adventures League for the Storm King’s Thunder adventure series (not the book.)

The Adventure Log also contains entries for my run of Out Of The Abyss and a con run of CORE 1-1:A Scream in the Night

The Forsite Irregulars’ Home Page

The Forsite Irregulars are teams of adventurers hired by an enigmatic Charles Forsite by his faithful sidekick Bosnun. This archive records the history of one of those teams: The Forsite Irregulars of Punjar.

The play history of the group (starting from Level 1, D&D4e) is captured in forums and blog posts throughout the known world:

  • The Sellswords of Punjar – Though the play-by-play is not recorded here, there are many build pictures of Cutpurse Alley, where all the action took place starting at 1st level.
  • The Scepter Tower of Spellgard – Only the first few sessions have summary play notes, but you can see the paper terrain builds in detail. This took them through 4th level and sees the exit of Cleora the party Artificer.
  • Prey for Smiley Bob – A one-shot to introduce two new characters – a fire elementalist and an illusionist.
  • The Scions of Punjar – A detailed play-by-play of a great murder mystery taking the party up to 6th level… [I added an epic conflict at the end, again.] This time, Tobin abandons the party to pursue his blood-quest. If you like paper terrain, by sure to check out this thread. Party reaches level 6.
  • The Orcs of Stonefang Pass – The most recently completed adventure follows our heroes through the Ironwall mountains on the way to Gardmore Abbey, chasing cards from the Deck of Many Things. They leave the mountains at level 8.
  • Madness at Gardmore Abbey is the most recent chapter to complete, taking the party to Paragon (11th level) – at grave cost to two worlds. (The finale includes a portion of the session’s musical score!)
  • Return of the Titans is the name of the meta-plot – the adventure they’ve been on all along. And now with three Titans revealed, our heroes need to determine if they are agents for the world’s salvation, or destruction…

    Alphonse Mucha insprired D&D Adventuring Party

There is another team working for Charles Forsite, and they recently visited The Isle of the Sea Drake – Another paper terrain, fully-documented photo-log of the awesome 1st level adventure.

The Forsite Irregulars

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